Sarah Leaman

Registered Massage Therapist / Owner


Sarah Leaman is the Owner of Sarah-K-Massager Therapy.  After graduating from The Canadian Collage of Massage and Hydrotherapy, in Halifax, NS in June 2011, she knew she could not just work for someone else. Sarah knew she had the passion and the drive to open her open business right her in the sackville area.  Sarah grew up in the Beaver Bank area and currently lives with her 4 year old daughter in Lower Sackville. Sarah is very familiar with the business's in the area and knew what her massage business could do to benefit the residence of the Sackville, Beaver Bank, Bedford, Mount Uniacke Community, dartmouth and halifax areas.

Sarah is a very passionate about the awareness of and promoting of Infant and Child massage for preventative care.

Sarah hold an information session twice a month at the Sackville Library and the Sackville Community Centre called "Massage of Life" for parents and families to attend to learn the benefit and the physiological & psychiological well-being of their infants, children and selves.


Sarah is as Excentric about Massage as she is about life!
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Registered Massage Therapist